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Why are we waiting

Who we are 

We are a group of individuals with no affiliations to any political, religious, cultural or organizational groups.

What we believe  

  • Internationally - political, economic, legal and social systems are broken
  • We will all have to learn, change and do many things differently, if we desire a better world in the future 
  • The process starts with each of us accepting responsibility to become participants in life rather than to remain on the sideline as spectators.
  • This will require all of us to gain more clarity on WHY the world is such a mess and What the underlying reasons are for this to have happened..
  • Ultimately it is about Choice - We choose to stay ignorant and myopic OR we get off our butts and start making a difference

Our Purpose

This site’s purpose is to provide you with easy reference material and to encourage you to do your own research, draw your own conclusions and then hopefully do something to become part of the change the world desperately needs.

We do not deliberately pursue any particular conspiracy theory but there is no doubt that there are very many cases where matters are not what they are pretended to be.

Many issues raised here are complex and at times has a great deal of history attached. Accordingly it is impossible for us to cover any of the items definitively and we encourage you to pursue any of the issues that you find interesting and to send us any reference material you find, that might be useful to other readers.

We will use as much material as we can from the same sources that you can verify for yourself. This process might appear, to take us in unrelated directions at time, but in the end it will give you a more cohesive view of where we are right now and why.

Then we encourage you to talk to others and pose questions to your elected representatives, join any groups trying to hold our leaders to account, but most importantly do something positive.

We have undertaken the task of creating a forum where we will endevour to :
  • Provide items of interest ( current issues and information )
  • Provide a reference library to enable anybody to gain knowledge and understanding of facts and issues  that are hidden or obscured ( often deliberately )  and thus create a better understand of the forces that affect us all
  • Create a forum enabling others who share our concerns, to engage and participate and connect.




Why are we waiting